Great Science Links for Kids!

Astronomy, the human body, the environment, chemicals, and more – the list of topics having to do with science is huge. Kids who use the Internet know that learning about science does not have to be a dry, boring concept. The websites below teach kids about scientific topics in such a fun way that many kids do not even realize that they are learning. The enjoyment that kids will experience in visiting the following websites with interactive games, experiments and activities helps to illustrate scientific ideas and concepts. Learning about science has never been so exciting!

NASA Kids Club
This NASA website helps kids learn about space with fun animation and interactive games. 

NIEHS Kids Pages
The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences produces this website that offers kids coloring pages, games, riddles, songs and more.

Cassini Solstice Mission – Kids Space
The Cassini-Huygens space exploration mission to Saturn is the focus of this website, which allows kids to discover Saturn for themselves.

Cool Science for Curious Kids
This website, hosted by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, provides interactive learning activities for kids to teach them about plants, animals, and more.

Infrared Zoo Gallery
The similarities and differences between warm-blooded and cold-blooded animals are illustrated on this Cal Tech website using infrared light technology. 

FOSS K-2 Modules
Weather, air, motion, balance, insects, plants and other science topics are presented here through interactive games and activities.

Bottle Biology
Explorations of the environment and the use of recyclables are presented on this website funded by the National Science Foundation. 

The Agricultural Research Service provides this website to teach kids about the environment, agriculture, animals, technology, soil, water and lots more.

Biological Rhythms
Simple science experiments for kids are offered here, illustrating circadian rhythms, body temperature and other biological rhythms.

Discovery Education Science Fair Central
The Discovery Education channel presents this website offering science fair ideas, presentations and experiments.

Aggie Horticulture Just for Kids
The Texas A&M University Horticulture Program offers kids activities, games, and more on nutrition, gardening, and other horticulture topics.

Science for Kids
 Kids can conduct their own experiments on the human body, energy, motion, chemical and physical change, and other topics on this American Chemical Society website.

Amusement Park Physics
The causes and effects of amusement park rides are explained here for kids in an entertaining format.

Your Weight on Other Worlds
On this website, kids can enter their weight and see how much they would weigh on the moon and on other planets in the solar system.

Science News for Kids
Games, lab experiences, activities and articles are included on this site highlighting science for kids.

Science With Me
This educational website targeted at elementary school children offers science experiments, lessons and activities that are hands-on.

EurekAlert! – Science Reporting for Kids
A science news site that is kid-friendly and offers short, interesting news pieces paired with links to further information about the ideas presented.

SCORE Science – Kids Corner
Links to science activities and experiments divided by grade are included here.

Optics for Kids
 Kids can learn all about the science and engineering of the eye on this fun yet informative website.

Science Kids
This comprehensive website offers experiments, links, games, quizzes, facts and much more about science and technology worldwide.

The Why Files
Subtitled “The Science Behind the News,” this site gives answers to kids’ most common science “why” questions about current events.

BAM! Body and Mind
Sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this colorful site full of graphics offers interactive games, activities, tips and more on health, physical fitness, disease and safety.

Presented by the Ontario Science Centre, this website features games, experiments, and fun science tips for kids.

The American Museum of Natural History presents this website that offers kids fun lessons on scientific topics such as astronomy, archaeology, the brain and more. 

ZOOM Activities. Sci.
Presented by PBS Kids, this website allows kids to submit their own experiments and results, allowing other kids to try to replicate them.

Playing With Time
Showing how the world has changed over time, this website features time-elapsed videos of various activities and events. 

Funky Lab
GlaxoSmithKline presents this website that features fun scientific games, experiments and facts for kids.

Students for the Environment – US EPA
Presented by the Environmental Protection Agency, this website focuses on games and homework resources on environmental scientific topics.

Science Technology: Dr. Bob
This colorful site offers fun facts and tidbits about scientific topics including space, ice, waves and underwater pressure.

Propane on the Brain
Activities, experiments and other fun stuff about propane are included on this colorful animated website.

Tox Mystery
 Presented by the National Library of Medicine, this website helps kids to identify everyday toxins found in most homes.

Science Learning Network
The National Science Foundation and Unisys presents this website, which offers information on international science museums, news, links and resources from those museums.

Explain That Stuff!
This free online science and technology book offers information on how common, everyday things are made and how they function.

Weather or Not?
A unique website that can help kids monitor the weather and make predictions up to 48 hours in advance.

Saving Energy at Home
Presented by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement, this site features energy-saving ideas for older elementary aged children. 

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Science, this website examines earthquakes, coral reefs, atoms and other scientific phenomena. 

The Black Hole Gang
A website that details the adventures of the Black Hole Gang, kids who go on adventures and learn about scientific topics like the rainforest and Einstein.

Kids DO Science
 This website offers kid-appropriate links to further scientific information on the physical sciences, methods of science, biology, chemistry and more.

NOAA Fun for Kids
Presented by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, this website offers games and lessons about the oceans and coastal resources.

ADHA – Kids Stuff
The American Dental Hygienists’ Association sponsors this website, which explains parts of the tooth and different types of teeth in kid-friendly language.

Kids – National Wildlife Federation
Sponsored by the National Wildlife Foundation, this site offers information, facts, games and more about wildlife and animals. 

Cool Food Kidz
Focusing on nutrition and healthy bodies, this website offers fun, educational, interactive games and activities.

Science-Life in the Sea
Targeted to younger elementary students, this website offers interactive units on sea life, featuring facts, activities and games.

MyPyramid Game
The Dairy Council of California presents this website that helps kids create a food pyramid and learn more about the four food groups.

Nutrition Explorations
The National Dairy Council and the NFL teamed up to create this website featuring interactive nutrition games and activities for kids.

Round & Round It Goes – The Water Cycle
Presented by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, this website focuses on the water cycle and offers interactive activities and games. 

The Great Plant Escape
The University of Illinois Extension offers this site utilizing games, activities, stories and more to teach kids all about plants.

The Body Zone
A clickable animation of the human body is featured on this website, which teaches kids all about parts of the body and bodily systems.