Get Answers To All Your RN to BSN Degree Questions

Pursuing a RN to BSN degree is a major decision. So is picking the right school. See what other prospective RN to BSN students have asked or contact us with your own questions.

Getting a Job With a RN to BSN Degree

The top programs in the country teach students advanced nursing science theory and clinical skills. You can earn degrees through online nursing schools or through traditional brick-and-mortar universities.

How To Choose the Right RN to BSN Program

Not all programs are created equally. When you look for a nursing school, keep in mind that the best programs are accredited, will place you in a clinical practicum or internship and will offer career resources to aid you in your post-graduation job search.

Choosing a School to Earn the Best RN to BSN Degree

In order to choose the best brick-and-mortar or online school, make sure any school you attend offers hands-on opportunities to practice the skills you learn in class. Online rankings of nationally accredited RN to BSN schools can also help you make your decision.

What Should I Know About Obtaining an RN to BSN Degree?

All of the top colleges have similar admissions requirements. Therefore, you should be prepared to show that you meet the general education requirements for bachelors degree applicants and to present your current RN license when you apply to an RN to BSN college.

What Will I Learn in RN to BSN Classes?

Although each school has a unique curriculum, you can be sure that you will be taking the best courses at any accredited school. If you plan to continue working while you earn your degree, you may want to investigate the possibility of taking online courses in order to help school fit into your schedule better.

Types of Jobs I Can Get With an RN to BSN Degree

Road Map to Becoming a Certified Nurse

Although it is not absolutely necessary to earn nursing certifications as an RN, doing so can add value to your degree and improve your job prospects. You can earn certification through 2 major organizations, but there are dozens of possible certifications available to motivated and qualified registered nurses.

What Salary Do Nurses Earn?

The RN to BSN salary that you can earn varies according to several factors including your level of experience, workplace and location. You can increase your RN-BSN salary by extending your education through another degree or certification and by working irregular hours.